This morning's visit to the Indiana State Fair was a quick one. I only had a couple of hours before working the first of two jobs scheduled for today. 

I walked into the 4-H exhibit hall, only to discover that it was closed as they judged projects. The Elkhart County Fair is just ending, so projects couldn't be delivered until now. 

I popped into the Agriculture/Horticulture Building to check on the cheese sculpture - the cheese blocks were still blank, but the artist was getting set up to carve. 

I visited the official Indiana State Fair, also housed in the Ag/Hort building - the selection of tee shirts and other goodies is very cute this year. 

I stuck my face in all of the fir trees on display, hoping that my sense of smell was back - I had COVID-19 last week - I couldn't smell anything, dang it! 

I walked over to the Indiana Arts Building to visit the lamp and take some photographs of my entries. 

The Fairgrounds were bustling as I walked out. I hated to leave! I'm looking forward to the Llama Costume Contest tomorrow morning in Champions Pavilion Show Arena. 

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