Ensemble of CabarGay. 

Theatre on the Square Main Stage, 4.5 stars, see remaining performing times here

The strength of this Cabaret show lies within its theme of inclusion and responsibility for each other’s well-being. Coupled with arrangements that turn Broadway songs degrees from the comfort of recordings we love to replay and song-stylists who do more than stand and deliver, CabarGay earns standout status. The opening number from “Song of Mormon” promises a cure-all to change our lives. But we know better—the validity of selfhood comes from the reserve within; being alert to the nuances of relationships, grasping the moment, recognizing the immensity of a single action multiplied. The best of Broadway entertains with a kick— “It Only Takes a Moment” (Hello Dolly),“I’m Beautiful” (The Color Purple, “We must not forget they are our children too” (Miss Saigon) “Life will be forever on a perfect day” (Dear Evan Hansen); the power resonates. There's more, including a bonus that kicks up the tempo.

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