The Hoosier Environmental Council is inviting residents to learn about upcoming environmental legislative issues and to engage in green-minded business by participating in its Greening the Statehouse 2021 Nov. 19-20. 

The virtual event will cover the future of solar energy and how to protect Indiana’s wetlands and floodplains after SB 389 with the following topics: The Danger of the “SB 309 Cliff” and a Proposed Solution; Pollinator-Friendly Solar as a Means to Build Community Buy-in; Building Grand Coalitions for Solar; Current wetlands policy in Indiana; Local government options; and Protecting isolated wetlands. 

The event will also offer the following speakers: John Delurey, senior regional director of Vote Solar; Jessi Wyatt, energy planner and analyst at Great Plains Institute; Jesse Kharbanda, executive director of HEC; Ben Inskeep, principal energy policy analyst at EQ Research; Tim Maloney, senior policy director at HEC; Delaney Barber, senior outreach associate at HEC; Brenda Zollitsch, ASWM Senior Policy Analyst; Kerry Daily, Christopher Burke Engineering and Indiana Association for Floodplain and Stormwater Management; and Indra Frank, environmental health director at HEC. 

Also look for a network and outreach expert session. 

Register online here. Cost is $35 for general admission and $25 for student admission.

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