Professional eater Joey Chestnut, who resides in Westfield, IN, broke the world popcorn-eating record Tuesday night at Victory Field. 

Matt Stonie, who held the record at 28.5 24-ounce servings, was topped Tuesday night when Chestnut chomped and swallowed a whopping 32 24-ounce servings of popcorn in the 8-minute time limit.  

Chestnut's strategy was to use as much water as possible to help swallow and only chew more as his throat got tired. That strategy worked well as he was able to eclipse the record by nearly 4 24-ounce servings. 

The popcorn world record is Chestnuts 50th, which includes 76 hot dogs and buns at the Nathans Hot Dog eating contest on Independence Day, 182 wings in 30 minutes, 53 soft tacos from Taco Bell in 10 minutes, and 32 Big Macs in 38 minutes. 

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