Twenty-one years ago, when Fountain Square didn’t care, a group of music-loving bleeding hearts puts on a show at Radio Radio that had a few bands covering Elvis Costello songs and raised almost five thousand bucks to help the fine folks at Second Helping feed those who would otherwise go hungry during the holidays. Now, twenty-one years later, this thing has turned into a five-stage monster where people spend more time in line than they do in the actual clubs. If you were lucky enough to be inside a club, it was so packed and noisy that you were hard-pressed to know what was going on. Still, over $120,000 was raised, and there were some pretty fantabulous performances; even the people in line were smiling all up and down.

I tried as much as possible to move throughout the event, but it became harder and harder as the night progressed. The White Rabbit was the hardest. You get into the door, and it is an impenetrable wall of people. NO chance of getting close, but from the back of the room, Dysfunktion Brass Band and The Ombudsmen did Aretha proudly. Maciann and the Pork N’ Beans Brass Band tore it up at the Outkast stage at Square Cat Vinyl. Coolidge, Shadeland and Lani and the Tramps did Hendrix proud at Radio Radio. The Hifi had the Taylor Swift Stage where Phyllis, Brother O Brother, and Public Universal Friend offered different takes on TayTay’s shit. Alas, as good as these performances were, three stood head and shoulders above the rest.



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Sadie Johnsn

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