Award-winning blues singer/songwriter/guitarist Samantha Fish brought the party to The Vogue on Tuesday night, December 14, 2021.  Warming up with a very memorable and classic blues opening by guitarist King Solomon Hicks, Fish, and her fans were there to have a good time and to start the holiday celebrations early.  

The Kansas City native, who started playing guitar at the age of 15 and finding her love of blues music, has also found a like-minded audience for her unique, award-winning blues sound.   “It just sort of drew me into this expressive, organic, longstanding music that’s been around forever,” Fish has said about the Blues. “It’s the building block of all music. There’s an emotive quality to it. There’s improvisation. It’s just fun for me.”

In 2009, Fish recorded and produced Live Bait which attracted the attention of a talent company, which recommended her to Ruf Records. Fish's third studio album, Wild Heart was released on July 10, 2015.  The follow-up to 2019’s Kill or Be Kind (Fish’s Rounder Records debut) is her latest album Faster, which she describes: “The whole record has a theme of taking charge and taking the reins, in a relationship or in life in general,” says Fish. “I really thought that after 2020 I’d end up with a really dismal, bleak album, but instead, we came up with something that’s fun and sexy and so empowering.”

For Fish, one of the greatest joys of making music is the powerful exchange of energy at her live shows. “I fell in love with music from going to shows, and I know how cathartic it can be. It heals your heart,” she says. “Anytime I play live, I just want to want to make people forget about everything else in the world and feel that same joy that I feel on stage.”  And yes, for her audience, that was clearly evident at the Vogue last Tuesday night.

For the many Fish fans who arrived early enough to hear King Solomon Hicks’ opening set, it was a double bonus night. King Solomon Hicks is a young New York guitarist who grew up in Harlem, started playing at age 6, and first played The Cotton Club in Harlem at age 13. He has played at all the blues clubs in the New York area, as well as traveling to Europe and opening for Jeff Beck and Ringo Starr, playing festivals in Spain and France, as well as at the Cotton Club in Tokyo. For his first major-label release, Harlem, Hicks has stated, “It was just about getting my own sound together,” - an album aided by a corps of players that includes members of Soulive, Lettuce, Jack White, and Hank William Jr.’s band as well as others.  For this night, many more have now discovered Hicks and will be on the lookout for King Solomon and his own tour back to Indy in the near future.


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