NUVO's 25th Anniversary Photo

I hope everyone is staying healthy and that the financial burdens of the quarantine are manageable.

I have difficult news to share with you today. It is time for NUVO to retire in its present form. We had thirty good years (March was our anniversary), but there is not broad enough financial support or interest today, especially with the impact of the pandemic, for us to continue.

The plan will be to stop supporting the site with new content on Memorial Day, May 25, which I hope gets us through most of the problematic part of the quarantine. Dan Grossman received a grant recently to write about the local impact of COVID-19, and we plan to run his work as well as that of the other writers.

On May 1, we will add language about our closing on the website, on the newsletters, and within the donation/subscription portal so that readers know how their donation will be used as we wind down. 

There are plans in the works with the Indianapolis Public Library to digitize all past print issues of NUVO and for them to be the custodians of our complete set of bound copies of NUVO from 1990 to 2019. The library will make NUVO available to the community in perpetuity. The digitalization could take 2-3 years to accomplish as we are still in the process of securing the funding. If you would like to help with that process, I would be happy to put you in touch with a contact at the library. 

I hope to keep all of our social media (InstagramTwitterTwitter PromotionsFacebookFacebook Promotions) up for historical reference and possibly use Facebook as the repository of a yet-to-be-created history of NUVO in images if that turns out to be the best medium. So please follow and like us on Facebook. 

It is hard to see what form successful journalism will take in the digital economy, but there will always be a demand for factual information that is well written. NUVO served an essential purpose during its time, and I know I can speak for all of our former staff members that it has been a pleasure and an honor to do this work for Indianapolis these past thirty years.

Please stay tuned for notices about opportunities to pick up NUVO swag as I prepare it for distribution, and in the meantime, you can still order logoed items here.

Thanks again for your belief in the ideals of a local, independent journalistic enterprise and I wish us all the best as we continue with the legacy of NUVO to make our democracy and local culture even better.

Kevin McKinney 

Editor & Publisher

Founder of NUVO, a new voice for Indy, and first executive director of the non-profit, My purpose is to increase civic participation through informed storytelling and the search for common ground through dialogue.