A person drove a minivan through a small crowd of demonstrators downtown June 8 on Monument Circle.

No one appeared seriously injured.

A video of incident posted to Facebook shows the van, which had been stopped by protesters, accelerating through the group.

One person was hit off to the side, and two people ended up on the hood of the vehicle. The van came to an abrupt stop, which sent the two people to the ground.

Some people caught up to the van and smashed in a window and busted a mirror.

Police, who weren't present for the most part during the demonstration, arrived at Monument Circle shortly after and confirmed officers had found the van.

Alexandria Trove, one of the people hit, said she wasn't in front of the van at first but saw it start to push through the group, so she walked over.

Trove, 26, ended up on the hood of the vehicle and was thrown off. She hurt the outside of her right knee and walked with a limp.

Alex Vaughan, 25, said he was a few layers of people in front of the vehicle and landed on his back and head when he fell off of the hood.

It was a violent ending to an otherwise normal night of demonstrations in Indianapolis. The group of roughly 40 people gathered at Monument Circle and walked through some downtown streets before meeting back at the Circle.

Most people were starting to leave the area when the van drove through the crowd.

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