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How can we easily recycle those NASTY bubble pack/paper shipping envelopes? I can only use so many a second time, but it drives me crazy to throw them away since they can’t go with my film/plastic bags or to my paper recycling.

I compliment others who buy and use the bags that are made out of recycled newspaper!

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I also wish I had a better answer to your question. Unfortunately, mixed material shipping envelopes are hard to recycle. You could separate the materials and recycle accordingly — it sounds like you’re just the kind of recycling freak who might take the time to do that! You may also collect them and put them out on Freecycle or Craigslist for people who sell lots of stuff online. I hear you can even sell used padded envelopes on eBay to people who sell on eBay.

Some other random ideas for reuse I found online include:

Use as knee pads when gardening,

Wrap around water pipes as insulation in the winter, or

Cover a few with fabric to make a padded seat for a hard chair or for sitting in the bleachers at a sporting event — maybe even slide a few in an old sports team t-shirt to take to the game. (Why didn’t I think of this for the suicide seats at Naptown Roller Girls bouts?)

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(NOTE: This letter and response appeared in the Aug. 12 edition of NUVO.)

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